Practical information for attending the events

1. Arrival time and Admission

It is strongly recommended that you come to the respective events at the admission time which is stated on our website for each event (Carinthia, Salzburg, Vienna). This is necessary in order to allow enough time for ticket and security checks, picking up headphones for translation, etc. Please be aware that the organizers have to insist on strict security measures for the safety of His Holiness and the audience and also have to take care that everybody has entered the hall in time for the events. At some events there will be pre-programs, announcements, etc. half an hour before the actual event starts. If you are not there you will probably miss important information – so please come early enough!

2. Languages and Translation

His Holiness will speak in Tibetan or English. His teachings and lectures will be translated into German (consecutive translation) at all events, except the Symposium at Vienna University on 26 May, which will be conducted in English only.

Additional Translations for the two-days teachings in Klagenfurt, 18/19 May
At the teachings on 18/19 May in Klagenfurt there will also be a translation into English via headphones. Furthermore we will do our best to provide any other additional translations as long as there are enough registrations requesting these languages. For this reason it is very important that you state your preferred language in the confirmation e-mail that you will receive after your ticket purchase!  If you need translation into another language than German, please fill out the form that is sent to you via e-mail with the ticket purchase-confirmation and tick the appropriate boxes for your first language (mother tongue) and your second language (a language that you also understand well). We will do our best to provide translations into all desired languages, but the final decision is taken according to actual requirements and feasibility. In case there are not enough registrations for a particular language, we are sorry to say that we cannot provide a particular translation for a very small number of people. However, if you are not confident that you will get translation into your language and you want to organize your own group with your own translator, then we will try to support you in any way needed.

If you need translation into another language than German, you have to pick up your headphones at our headphone counter before entering the hall. Please allow enough time for this procedure!

At the teachings on 18/19 May there will be counters for supplying headphones for those who need a translation into any other language than German. These headphones are part of our professional translation system and are necessary for you to hear the translation into your language in good quality.
In order to rent headphones you will be requested to deposit your passport, driving license or other ID for safety reasons. Please bring the required documents to the headphones counter.

3. Security

For every teaching session of His Holiness the Dalai Lama the access to the respective event location will be subject to strict security measures. The following items are not allowed inside the hall for security reasons: electronic devices such as photo cameras, audio and video recorders etc., voluminous bags and other types of luggage, glass or metal bottles and generally any object which could disrupt the smooth process of the event.

Mobile Phones and Cameras
Upon entering the hall you will be requested to turn off your mobile phone until the end of the event. It is also not allowed to use your phone’s camera or recording system, as the taking of photographs as well as audio/video recordings is strictly prohibited during the whole event. This policy will be strictly enforced. Cameras or other recording devices will be confiscated from participants who violate this policy. In case you bring any objects that are not allowed inside the hall you will have to leave them at the bag deposit, which is subject to charge.
Thank you for your understanding and for your compliance to the security rules!

4. Tickets

Buying tickets on site
Most probably there will be no tickets available on site, as they are selling out quickly. So we recommend you to buy a ticket in advance in order to secure your seat. However, if there are leftover tickets, we will provide one ticket counter at the event location.

General information
Your entry ticket has a bar code. It is most important that this code is not damaged and is readable when you present it at the entrance. Please avoid folding, cutting or coating your ticket with plastic. Protect it from exposure to light, humidity, rain or long exposure to the sun. All tickets are checked by reading the electronic bar code on the ticket.

Especially for print-at-home-tickets it is therefore absolutely necessary that the bar code is clearly readable! Please print your tickets only on A4 size white paper (portrait orientation). A print-at-home ticket may be duplicated. Make sure to keep it in a safe place like any other ticket. In case of copies or multiple prints of the ticket are made, only the first person to present the ticket can pass the ticket check! Thus we recommend you not to buy this type of ticket from an unknown person (you might find yourself with a ticket already used).
Here you find more information about print-at-home tickets

If you present a used or damaged ticket at the ticket check you will not be let in and we cannot take any liability.

Loss of tickets
If you have lost your ticket please contact Oeticket: +43 (0)1 96 0 96. You will have to provide an official notice of loss and confirmation of your ID.

5. Transport

Your ticket has an added value! Please be aware that tickets for the events in Salzburg (21/5) and Vienna (25/5) are also valid as public transport ticket. Please check carefully the respective imprint on your ticket and also the times at which the ticket is valid for public transport.

6. Parking

Parking space will be available at all event locations, but it is limited. So we recommend you to use public transport or share a car with others. In this case also traffic jams and other inconvenience can be avoided.

7. Access to event locations for disabled persons

All event locations have full access for persons with wheelchair. You will also get a special discount. For further information please write an email to or phone +43 (0)1 96 0 96. Information about wheelchair seats for the public talk on 25 May is also available at Wiener Stadthalle: +43 (0)1 98100 480.

8. Children

Please note: At such events many parents want to take their children to be close to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. If this is also your motivation, then your children are welcome! At the same time we have to state very clearly in advance that all children have to be under the full supervision of their parents at all times. If children disturb the quiet and attentive atmosphere in the hall, cry or run around, out of consideration to the other participants our security staff has to order the parents to leave with their children. Parents will be held fully responsible for the actions and the behavior of their children. If you do not agree to follow our rules, please consider to come to the event without your kids!

Free admission will be provided for children until the age of 6. In this case your children will not have an extra seat and you will have to take them on your lap. Proof of your kids' age has to be provided by a legal document upon entry. For children older than 6 years you have to buy a normal ticket.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation!

9. Shops

At some locations, booths selling items such as books, CDs and DVDs, Tibetan articles, etc. will be available.

10. Recording of the Teachings

CD and DVD recordings of the teachings and lectures by H.H. the Dalai Lama can be purchased at all locations.

11. Additional notes
Please be aware that His Holiness may change the schedules of the program. Any change shall be clearly announced during the event. Therefore, the organizers reserve to themselves full liberty to modify the program schedules if necessary. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive our program updates! In any case you should re-visit this website shortly before the event, in order to have the correct and updated information.

Please also note that smoking is strictly prohibited inside all halls.

Pets are not allowed at any event location. Temporary pet-care in Klagenfurt is offered by

The cooperation of everyone and respect of the above procedures will be much appreciated!