Tibet Center - International Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies

Tibet Center – I.I.H.T.S. is an academic education institute that imparts the Tibetan cultural and scientific knowledge in an authentic and contemporary way. It is not our aim to convert anybody to Buddhism, but rather to make accessible the beneficial knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist culture to all those interested. Tibetan culture and science are connected to Buddhist religion – to Buddha, the Indian pandits and Tibetan scholars – however, it is possible to adapt many parts of the contents and teach them in a secular way. For this reason our courses, seminars and lectures are open for everybody: for religious believers as well as for non-believers. Thus we warmly welcome you to join us in learning and studying, without having to question your own faiths or views.

At the same time we remain authentic at all levels and rely on our roots: the Buddha, the Indian pandits and Tibetan scholars. This does not mean that our students have to abandon their own tradition and have to convert to Buddhism. Our program is designed to contribute to the consolidation of one’s own belief and deepen one’s inner spiritual commitment.
Our main aim is to promote inner human values and to offer theories and methods of mind-training and ethical values in order to cultivate a peaceful mind and happiness in our lives. Many people are looking for inner peace, happiness and spiritual values – regardless of their religious and philosophical attitude. These valuable qualities of the mind can be cultivated and enhanced. Our mind is our constant companion, day by day; therefore it is important to achieve inner peace and joy.

Our program also includes the teachings of Traditional Tibetan medicine which are taught in a secular way based on scientific insights, with the aim that Tibetan medical knowledge and practice can contribute in the human society for good health which is needed for a happy life. However, in this field and beside the scientific teachings we also offer extra courses for those who are interested in Buddhist practice connected with Tibetan medicine.
Studies and media reports (e.g. Salzburger Nachrichten, January 2011) show that many people are interested in spirituality, which can be adapted to individual needs. Tibet Center is the right place to acquire knowledge and methods for promoting your inner mental strength, your own spirituality!

Moreover, Tibetan Buddhist culture is connected to the Buddhist religion and many people - Buddhists as well as those interested in Buddhism - come to Tibet Center and wish to study and deepen their knowledge of Buddhist religion for their own needs and also in order to acquire a good understanding and preparation of their personal spiritual practice. Thus we also offer a diploma course and several seminars on the topic of “Buddhist religion”. These contents are conveyed at an academic level in an open manner and not in the traditional religious way. Thus the participants’ own Buddhist tradition and lineage is not being disturbed. However, it will be immensely beneficial for every Buddhist, no matter which tradition s/he belongs to, to gain a correct and deeper understanding. This will open the eyes of the mind for the vast and profound teachings of the Buddha.

Tibet Center which was founded by His Holiness the Dalai Lama with the aim to contribute to the promotion of human values and ethics in an academic way is thus unique in Europe.
We welcome all of you to join our programs and events! Thank you and Tashi Delek!

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